Web Design | UNSTUMP

Web Design | UNSTUMP

Project Role | Web Design

Skills | Adobe Creative Cloud, web design.

Objective | Create a web page that is based on a Q & A system.

Insight |┬áMost Q & A websites give the users little control over conversation outside of the ability to post and comment. This gives a lack of structure the conversation between users, and allows the discussion to ‘go off the rails’- creating frustration.

Concept | Develop a web page with a system that provides distinct parameters in order to streamline questions and answers. Users have administrative abilities within their posts, allowing them to create How-To guides with a community in an organized manner.




Unstump behaves like a hybrid between forum and blog.
Users can post questions and use the answers they receive to create a How-To guide.


Home page mockup.


Post page mockups.


Project development & marketing.

In order to build awareness and a potential user base for Unstump, a Kickstarter project
was created. It reached funding in less that 1 hour, with a single donation.