App Presentation

App Presentation


What is Bollsy?

Bollsy is a conversation app that provides a welcome space for the unwelcome thoughts of anger and frustration.


The Problem

When it comes to free and open dialogue, social media and websites are falling short.
  • Although provocative statements are made on FB, Twitter, and Reddit; this behavior is not welcome or encouraged by the community at large.
  • These sites are known to create echo chambers– no opposition creates no personal growth.
  • Many news media sites are being accused of being biased, and many have removed their comment sections to limit discussion on their articles.


The Approach

What are our objectives?
  • To know that not every idea is agreeable– but no idea should be excluded or unwelcome.
  • Show opportunity and solutions where other platforms see problematic behavior.
  • Spread awareness that the social environment can turn hostile.
  • Show people how not to be afraid of confrontation.
  • Create the appropriate environment for anger and social tension.


The Solution

It’s human nature to be compulsive, combative and contrary. There should be a place where people are allowed to argue and expand on their frustrations, without being forced into silence. People empower themselves by speaking their mind. Bollsy believes our true feelings can lead us to deeper discussions.
1. Bollsy matches users who specifically disagree with each other:
  • An algorithm adapts content to individual user behavior (according to posts viewed, comment history, browsing behavior, etc.).
  • Users can enhance their profile by choosing their interests. This will help direct category-specific posts towards the user.
  • Users can choose to be anonymous or not.


2. Bollsy prevents discussions from becoming toxic:
  • All posts display a quality score, based on views and user engagement. Users are given incentive to create enticing content within a system that rewards interaction.
  • Arguments can reach an endpoint by having a finite lifespan– there is an option for posts to disappear after a certain time.
  • Moderators investigate flagged posts that contain illegal/harmful information. Examples; criminal activity and sharing private information.


The Benefit

Bollsy is the appropriate place to vent, argue, offend, challenge, and provoke. By using Bollsy, you can:
  • Incite provocative discussion without the fear of harming sensitive people.
  • Talk about difficult subject matter without the need for social approval.
  • Explore ideas/emotions that can’t normally be expressed on other social media sites.
  • Know exactly what people think of you, because they will say it to you directly.
  • Develop your ability to argue and think critically.